Alaska Airlines

Denia Pisia, Scott Day, & Matt Prainito

It's that time of year where we have the wonderful opportunity to support Ronald McDonald House Charities and all that they do. RMHC provides a unique support to families as they navigate one of the hardest times of their lives while away from the comfort of their homes.

This year against the backdrop of the beautiful new Boeing MAX-9 aircraft we donned our kilts and masks to take a few perhaps slightly embarrassing photos. We hope the pictures bring a smile and you will take a moment to support Ronald McDonald House Charities. -Scott

This is the fourth time that I have sported a kilt to support Ronald McDonald House Charities, and have done so to help raise money for such a great cause. RMHC is incredibly instrumental in providing families and patience comfort during very challenging times. Times when they may have nowhere else to turn. While wearing a kilt is something I plan to do once a year, the fact remains that the cause outweighs the photos. Please vote! Not only for your favorite pictures, but for the kids. They are depending on us to do the right thing. -Matt

I have a personal affinity for RHMC and am inspired to raise money for this great cause. RHMC provides the necessary support and care for children and families in need. Even the smallest gift to this charity can make a huge impact, and what a great motivator to know you contributed to making a difference. We get out of our typical day-to-day character to take these hilarious pictures to hopefully inspire you to give back and support the continued efforts of this charity program. -Denia