Forrest Söderlind, Christine Edwards, & Mark Flieg

Help us raise funds for families in need and earn some great prizes*:
$50 - Receive this year's unique Destiny 2 Emblem.
Emblem is still in development, with name TBD; unique codes will be sent to all $50+ donors on or before May 20, 2021.

- The prize above, plus receive a postcard, digitally signed by our K4K team and mailed to you.

- All prizes above, plus a digital copy of a new and unique piece of artwork made by Mark Flieg himself.

- All prizes above, plus a 1-hour Destiny gameplay session with Bungie employees and fellow Kilts for Kids donors**. Dates/Times will be mutually agreeable and determined upon completion of the fundraiser.

- All prizes above, plus the first 3 donors at $2k+ will receive 1 of 3 hand-painted Destiny Vinyl Goblin Figure, themed to Past, Present, and Future. These three vinyl figures will be hand painted by Bungie employees and will be shipped to the winners in late spring.

*Rewards will NOT be automatically redeemed, as we must receive donor data from RMHC before reward distribution. An email will be sent to donors at each prize level at the end of the event, no later than Friday, April 30, with further details on redemption of each prize. Some prizes will be delivered later than this date.

**No secrets will be revealed. Bungie employees have the right to refuse answers to any questions that aren't appropriate to answer.